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Envelopes and Variable Data: Better Than Cake and Ice Cream

You’ve heard the stories, you’ve seen the results, and you've finally smelled the bacon. Your marketing is suffering. Despite the countless hours researching, developing and implementing your latest campaign, your marketing efforts simply aren’t getting any bites. You’ve turned over every stone searching for a clever catch to steal a moment of attention, but are still struggling to entice your prospects, and even get them to open your mail.

So what now?

Stop searching for hidden places to improve your marketing message, stop entertaining the thought of obscure tactics, and start personalizing your ENVELOPES.

From DIRECT MAIL CAMPAIGNS, to FINANCIAL STATEMENTS, BROCHURES, and PACKAGING, variable data printing has time and again proven to increase website traffic and multiply sales (sometimes exponentially). With so much real estate to work with on the cover of envelopes, it’d be foolish to ignore this golden opportunity to add a simple touch to your mailings that could ultimately work wonders in your marketing campaign. Here’s how to put this service to work for your business:

1. Start with a list.
Pull your customer information from your CRM software and start looking it over. What pieces of information can you use to grab your customers’ and prospects’ attention, while still retaining any necessary confidentiality and privacy? It seems almost too simple, but adding a first name to a blurb on the exterior of your envelopes can make a world of difference in your response rate.

2. Choose additional information.
Variable data can be added in the middle of a sentence easily, so if there’s a second piece of more customized information you’d like to include, your costs likely won’t be increased substantially. For example: A car dealership is sending a mailer to prospects from a trade show and wants to include the model name the prospect had indicated he/she was interested in to further enhance and customize the recipient’s experience. With the awesome technology now available in printing, it's possible to for the dealer to draft text that includes variable information in the beginning, the middle, or the end of the blurb.

3. Craft your blurb.
Create a brief, 1-2 sentence punch line that gives recipients a reason to open your mail. Sometimes simply identifying what’s inside is enough. Other times it takes a sense of humor, an appeal to humanism, or an enticing teaser crafted with excellent verbiage. Develop your blurb based on the tone of the message inside, keep your audience at the forefront of your mind, and put those awesome writing skills to work!

4. Consider adding extras.
Depending on the tone and message of your mailer, you may want to consider adding a QUICK RESPONSE (QR) CODE or PERSONALIZED URL (PURL) to the envelope’s exterior to promote quick, mobile access to your website or encourage customers to provide their information, RSVP to an event, or participate in a survey.

Including variable data on your envelopes is a simple process and can blow a breath of fresh air into your marketing campaign. There are ways to take advantage of this service no matter the message or tone of your campaign, and all of them lead to improving results.

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