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We have a delivery truck making the rounds of the Tucson community every weekday. Why not use it to provide added exposure and promote events and other topics of importance for you by using it as a mobile billboard? It's yet another way Spectrum says, "Thank you for your support!"

  • ads are FREE to you, as our loyal client
  • promote your fundraiser, grand opening, or new promotion
  • donate your space with a Public Service Announcement (PSA) congratulating someone, encouraging a group or team, or raising awareness of an important cause

Thank you for your loyalty,

Truck Ad Guidelines


Signs will be in full-color and approximately 40” x 46” in size. We will produce your sign from artwork your designer provides based on our layout template. If you'd like your graphic designer to produce the artwork, we will submit our design template and it should be very simply to re-purpose the art into the ad space. Please keep in mind to follow some best design practices for effective legibility from a distance. We recommend these five tips:

  1. Keep it short. There may be a short time slot for people to read the ad on a moving truck.
  2. Consider the size of the words. If someone is at least 10 feet away from the ad, is it legible?
  3. All graphics need to be large enough to be seen at a distance of at least 10 feet also. 
  4. Use contrasting colors like yellow and black or red and white. Do not use colors that are similar to each other like blue and purple or orange and red because it will be hard to see two different colors from a distance.
  5. Include a "Call-to-Action" (CTA) by telling the audience what to do next. For example, “Donate Now,” or “Join Us.”

If Spectrum created the art for you on the qualifying printing project, then we will re-purpose it for the sign for you at no additional charge.

In either case, we will send you a proof for your approval before producing the sign. Please allow approximately three (3) working days after final proof approval for us to complete the project and mount the sign on our delivery truck at no charge.


Your sign will be displayed for a minimum of two weeks. The maximum length of time depends on demand and circumstances. Ad space is on a “first-come, first-served” basis, so it may not always be available to coincide with preferred timing.


Spectrum reserves the right to accept or deny any request under this program and will exercise editorial control over the content of all signage. Further, we will try to be sensitive to possible “conflicts” between the message of your sign and the messages that may be in other signs on the delivery truck at the time.

Political content will not be permitted nor will “negative” messages. Highly controversial topics (in the sole opinion of Spectrum Printing management) may also be deemed inappropriate.


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