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Spot UV / 3D / variable foil.

Meet SPOT!

SPOT is the latest technology that literally brings a new dimension to your printed pieces by adding the highlighting effect of spot UV, the tactile interest of dimensional UV (3-D UV), and/or the “WOW!” factor of embossed metallic foil all without the cost of a die!

Create more memorable and attention-grabbing materials.  Have them stand out above the clutter of competitors’ “same-old, same-old” products. 

Adding texture or shine to your projects adds value. It keeps the piece in the hands of your customers longer, causing them to investigate further.

SPOT makes people notice and then creates that desire to touch and to hold. It focuses attention on the selected areas of the printed piece you want to emphasize.

Using varying thicknesses of material, SPOT can also produce special “dimensional” effects such as exquisite designs, subtle “watermarks”, and other notable finishes.

Add the glitter effect of any number of foil colors and styles to your material without the cost of a special foil die.

Move away from a “me-too” print mentality using SPOT to create stunning effects for:

And, yes, SPOT capably handles personalized, variable content materials, too! So the same impact can be applied to your variable data. That is worthy of another Wow!

What can SPOT do for you?

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