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Sales Kits & Assembly Services

Sales kits are a great marketing tool for any company large or small, and we're here to help you put together sales presentation kits that will fit your needs and assist you in reaching your business goals and objectives. Our sales kit design and printing can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Sales promotion kits can consist of pocket folders, sales sheets, brochures, inserts, rack cardsdoor hangersbusiness cards, and any other sales and marketing collateral that will complement your brand.

Sales Sheets

Do you have great products that your customers are just passing by because the function isn’t clear and the information is lacking an effective image? Our graphic design team can guide you in getting your products the attention they deserve by designing product sales sheets that will detail the product’s features and look, and will offer your customers a thorough view. 

Hang your sales sheets next to the product in your store to complement your retail and restaurant items, or have your sales team carry them as part of their sales kits. With our sales sheet printing, you can even include your company logo design and a Quick Response (QR) code to immediately direct customers to your website from their smart phones. Your product sheet design can be customized to meet specific needs for your store and sales team, and will help you shed light on each great product you offer.

Sales Kit Covers

Now that you’ve designed an integrated products kit that includes all necessary and desired content, the final step before completion is implementing the perfect kit cover. We can print and assemble your custom boxes with our in-house equipment. If you’ve put together a three-ring binder kit and would like a full-color cover for the front sleeve or personalized digital covers to make your client feel that the product was made especially for him/her, we are here to help.

Assembly Services

From assembly to printing and fulfillment services, we offer complete kit assembly services and solutions. Our direct mail service department is standing by to be sure your kit gets to its proper destination in the time frame you desire. Whether it’s sales kits or integrated products kits you need to create and mail, we’ve got the tools to assist you in reaching your business goals and objectives.

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