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Mailing List Acquisition Services

Ensure your audience receives their mail

Direct mail marketing is an economical and effective way to reach out to your clientele, but it will only work if your mailing list is just right. Let our experts know whom you would like to target, and we'll provide you with the right mailing lists for your postcards, brochures, catalogs, magazines, and newsletters.

Specify your market

Whether you need our direct mail services to target certain geographic areas, individuals based on age, income or lifestyle, or companies that match specific criteria, we'll find any mail list you're looking for.

Monitor your list

Make sure the money you spend on your mailing efforts gets the response rate you are expecting. Direct mail list acquisition is only the beginning. We can merge your existing database of customer addresses with your new mailing list, keep your mail list up-to-date with list cleaning and address updates, and simplify your mailing list management.

Mailing List Management Services

Target your audience

A well-created and properly maintained mailing list is an extremely valuable asset for any business or professional. Mailing lists for direct mail campaigns are a key to success in marketing your products or services with postcards and brochures, sending out newsletters and updates, and receiving maximum collections or donations. They can even be an asset to share with or sell to other businesses.

Update, maintain, streamline

Our mailing department will provide you with mailing list acquisition, keep your mail list cleaned up with address corrections, get you up-to-date with moves, remove costly duplicates from your list, and simplify your mailing list management.

Stay in the loop

We will keep you completely informed of any changes to your direct mailing list with accurate, comprehensive reports e-mailed directly to you. Spectrum Printing is your one-stop shop for all your professional design, print and mail services.


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