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Power of Touch!

Enjoy our video demonstrating the amazing reaction people have when they see a SPOT-finished printed piece. They can’t help but touch it. And, when they do, they have a hard time wanting to put it down. The importance of this very human reaction cannot be underestimated. Touch could be one of the most powerful tools available in marketing and communication.

Studies have shown that, for humans, merely touching an object can connect a person to it in a very personal, visceral way. 

Other studies demonstrate that the pleasurable aspects of touch are influential even if no other information about the product is provided. Touch can increase the persuasive power of the presentation.

The point is clear. Adding the power of touch to printed materials makes them more interesting, engaging and “valuable”.

SPOT finishing is the latest product enhancer offered by Spectrum Printing Company. The special finishing creates that desire to touch and retain by highlighting the areas you want to emphasize, adding unique “dimensional” effects, or exquisite designs to make the printed piece even more alluring. Easily add SPOT foil and the appeal is simply amazing.

Smart solutions from start to finish, Spectrum is a full-service commercial printer and mailing service provider.

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