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Shana Skertic, Client Success Manager / Estimator

I have worked in advertising and sales for over 25 years and found that I thrive on delivering customer delight with every job entrusted to me. I mean, if I can manage Rocky, a crazy little Chihuahua, and Schmoe, a Pug / Shih Tzu, providing exceptional customer satisfaction to real people is easy. OK, maybe not “easy” but it seems that way because it’s enjoyable. As I seem to get requests for some really challenging products, I eagerly research everything I can about printing processes, paper or other substrates, bindery, and even special finishes. I love providing the solution for my clients’ unorthodox needs.

It is really fulfilling being a part of the community, especially when seeing any of my clients while my husband and I are out and about in Tucson, enjoying music concerts and cultural events around town. Hope to see you, too.

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