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George Stewart, Managing Member

George Stewart, Managing Member


I feel privileged to work with the fine people at Spectrum Printing. Whether “catching” at the end of a machine, working with the staff to develop ever better printing, mailing or finishing solutions, or helping clients with sophisticated marketing projects, I find great enjoyment trying to master the various challenges that Spectrum and our clients (in their own businesses) face each day.

At Spectrum, the best human elements of industriousness, finicky attention to detail, and genuine care about our clients’ projects are blended together with modern equipment to create value, not a commodity. We are especially proud that Spectrum is well regarded for its client-centered approach to printing projects and is highly recognized for its expertise in variable content direct mail and cross-media marketing.

I was born and raised in the Orient, and feel that I was provided great perspective and appreciation for different cultures, heritages and practices. I was also provided ample opportunity to experience and embrace the uniqueness that every person represents.

Before coming to Spectrum, I served many various roles in different companies including being a “Soda Genius” in my Baskin-Robbins ice cream store, developing oil and natural gas properties, managing Tucson real estate offices, and developing and managing healthcare-related businesses. I've served on several local Boards of Directors for financial, health care and manufacturing concerns. I'm a proud graduate of the University of Arizona with a B.S. in International Marketing and have been a Tucson resident since 1965.

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