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An Everyday Necessity is Becoming Scarcer.

Virtually everyone, every day, in some way or another uses paper. Paper napkins, sticky notes, posters, marketing materials, magazines, correspondence, newspapers, cardboard boxes, tissue, and paper towels fill our homes. From practical to decorative, paper products are everywhere. So why are so many domestic paper mills shutting down?

Paper Mills Decline
Paper mills were once one of America’s great industries. Today, most of those mills still in production are being shuttered or, if at all feasible, converted to producing paper products with higher profit margins than printing paper. A variety of technological and economic factors have influenced this change, but the results remain the same. Fewer selections available, longer lead times, and, of course, higher prices.

Since the beginning of 2018, paper prices have increased an average of about 18% across the board and several popular lines of paper have disappeared altogether. We are advised that this is only the beginning with more price increases, allocations, and shortages certain to come. Even the foreign, often government-subsidized papers are becoming more difficult to get.

Impact on the Printing Industry
Most Printers are doing all they can to ease the cost increases from paper. More efficient production, creative designing, suggesting alternative papers, and just absorbing the increases as they come along, but indications are those work-arounds have reached their limits. In the case where paper lines have been discontinued or are “Mill Items” with extended lead times, alternatives are usually the only choice.

Direct Mail Still Prevails
Does this mark the beginning of the end for direct mail marketing? Is it better for a business to focus solely on digital marketing? That would be a costly mistake. You may be surprised to learn just how effective direct mail is over its digital counterpart.

"In one week, the average American receives over 500 emails but just 26 pieces of direct mail. In order to keep up with the email volume, most people are forced to make a split second decision whether to delete, open and read their promotional email, with a top open rate of 20-30%. The average person takes 10-20 minutes to look through their mail, with the DM [Direct Mail] open rate at 80%+."
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With recent technological advances, printing is more affordable than ever, in spite of rising paper costs. And, effective? Getting your printed message directly into customers’ hands is still the most reliable way to reach your audience. Learn how direct mail can grow your business with one call to (520) 571-1114 or note to!

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