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A Breakdown of Basic to Specialty Fold Types for Your Next Print Project

If you need some inspiration to help you decide what shape your next print project will take form, there’s a folding type guide for you to find your best fit.

Even marketers need a reminder as to what the tremendous possibilities are when it comes to the shape of a print or mail piece.

Do you need to consider cost and time factors? Selecting lower levels of fold type complexities are your best bet.

Keep in mind the mailing regulations you may need to face. Talk with your printer’s CERTIFIED MAILPIECE DESIGN PROFESSIONALS to keep you familiar with restrictions and keep those extra dollars in your pocket, especially when it comes to paper size selection to get that great fold type you desire.

This awesome “Guide to Folding Types” poster from FoldFactory is exactly what you need.

However, if zooming in and out of the image is too much for your eyes to handle, here’s a quick at-a-glance reference list, arranged by the level of complexity.

And if that isn’t helpful enough, also included are some real-life sample fold type projects Spectrum Printing Company has created as formats for the bi-monthly newsletter, The Complete Spectrum.

Hopefully, this serves as a handy reference reminding you of the potential impact your project has by choosing from a multitude of great folding options.

Happy folding, y’all!

If you see a fold type that you like, Spectrum Printing Company can handle basic to specialty folding for your next project. Call today! (520) 571-1114.

Standard, easy set-up, fast.

1 4-Page Standard
4 Letter-Fold
10 Vertical Letter with Exposed Flap
11 Front Opening Double Parallel
12 Tent with Short Fold
15 8-Page Broadside
23 Roll Fold
35 Accordion

Moderate make-ready, possibly slower speed, some special considerations.

2 Reverse Accordion with Fold-In
5 Double Parallel into Double Parallel
9 Back Opening Double Parallel with Outside Short Fold
18 Front-Opening Triple Parallel Accordion
19 Reverse Roll with Short Inside Fold
21 Accordion into Accordion
22 Angled Accordion
26 Wrapped Accordion
30 Double Parallel with Center Fold
32 Broadside Letter
33 Accordion with Fold-In
42 Accordion with Outside Short Fold
43 Broadside Vertical Roll

More difficult make-ready, possible requires special machinery, slower speed, need for greater bindery expertise.

3 Double Gate
6 Front Opening Triple Parallel
7 Letter into Roll
13 2-Story Map
14 Asymmetrical Roll
16 Semi-Gate
24 Gate Fold
26 Wrapped Accordion
28 3-Story Map
29 Letter into Accordion
37 10-Page Parallel
38 Gate into Gate
39 Vertical Semi-Gate with Center Fold
40 Double Parallel Gate
41 Double Accordion Map

Unconventional, possible requires hand folding, special equipment, processes, and equipment, extra production time, may require specialty bindery services.

8 L-Cross
17 Iron Cross Fold
20 Checkbook
25 Gate into Double Parallel
27 Triangle
34 Box Top
36 Corner Folder
44 4-Page Pop-Up

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