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Tangible Suggestions to Stand Out Above All the Email Marketing Noise

After a slight summer blogging hiatus, it’s time to blog again. Yes, communicate. We’re still here, alive.

And well, just taking care of business, our clients, and churning out those high quality printing projects we love hearing everyone rave about.

Now, speaking of communication…

There was an article we came across by Fujifilm’s Energy magazine that talked about how to redefine how one connects to their customers with more effective communication.

The easiest way to communicate your message is email, but the most effective way is actually in-person.

Ahem! That’s right, we said it. "In-person."

Not all businesses that target consumers can effectively share their message one-by-one or face-to-face so easily—nor doing so without intruding. In this case, a direct mail campaign is best.

But if you’re a B2B business, have you ever thought about the significance of the right leave-behind printed piece when you see your clients or potential clients in-person?

It could make all the difference!

Here are some tangible suggestions to help stand out above all the e-mail marketing noise:

Great Tangible, Leave-Behind Print Materials When Visiting a Client/Potential Client:
• custom wall calendar
• treat specialty box (insert a special, sweet surprise perhaps)
• mini-pocket folder with stepped inserts

In addition, consider a handwritten note to add a personal touch. Nowadays, it’s least expected, so a response is actually what you could end up getting.

A response? Imagine that!

When you take a path less traveled, you might be surprised how it impacts your journey.

Do you have an idea for your perfect leave-behind printed piece? Let’s work together and give your clients something that they’ll remember you for. Call us at (520) 571-1114 or email us today.

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