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Every Day is Pie Day at Spectrum Printing Company...

...for the months of March, April, and May that is.

True, today is Pi Day, an annual celebration of mathematics in the U.S. But it's also "Pie Day" here in Tucson, Arizona. Here's why:

1998 is the earliest we can remember starting our Spectrum Printing Company “Pie Day” tradition. We celebrate our employees’ birthdays with delicious pies on “Pie Day” each month after singing an off-key, but lusty rendition of “Happy Birthday!”

We thought we’d share the fun with you, our good friends in the community, by celebrating the concept of “Pie Day” in a tasty way and saying, “Thank you!” at the same time. And we promise you won’t have to hear us sing.

All of our Customer Service Representatives happen to have been born in March, April, or May. That wasn’t a job requirement; it just turned out that way. So, with your first printing order of the birth month of your favorite Spectrum Customer Service Representative, she will bring you a treat.

The sweetest satisfaction in life comes from sharing what’s special in our hearts.

March CSR Birthdays: Chelby & Jennifer
April CSR Birthdays: Candy & Shelly
May CSR Birthday: Elaine

Let's "Sweeten the Deal" with your first printing order of the month - give your Spectrum CSR a call today and let us know which pie flavor you'd like! (520) 571-1114

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