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9 Reasons Why You Can't Live Without a Custom Banner

No matter the nature of your business, banners are one of those must-have, can’t-live-without items every company needs to have in their arsenal. Among your marketing campaigns, social media conversations, sales team and website, banners are one of the first impressions you make to prospective customers, and everyone knows how much a first impression can mean in business decision-making processes.

Whether you’re in manufacturing, education, business services, IT, retail, health, or hospitality, here are 9 reasons you can’t afford to do without a custom banner.

1. First impression matters. Whether on the phone, from your website, in person or through advertising, your first impression counts. Banners can help you make accurate and impactful blind first impressions.

2. We still need to fish. Your website may be reeling in customers one after another and seeing growth you never thought possible, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t customers that are still passing you by. Installing a custom designed banner can help you reach those prospects that are still unaware of your company and/or your services.

3. You have good news to share! Don’t just tell your customers and prospects about your sales or promotional discounts. Shout about them, rave about them and make prospects take note of permanent or temporary special pricing.

4. Banners look good. Regardless of the nature of your business, there’s a font, a format, a size and a color scheme that will align with your professional objectives and business tone. Designing a banner that complements the tone of your services will help you get noticed (or revisited) by customers.

5. You already have the real estate. Opposed to billboard rentals and temporary advertisements in news publications and mailers, you already have access to the space necessary to implement a banner. Utilize your exterior square footage and make the most of your property lease or ownership.

6. Banners are made to last. With the ability to select durable substrates and high-quality coating, banners have a low risk for sun, water and weather damage, allowing you multiple uses for maximum ROI.

7. Banners are easy to store. Unlike big boxes, banners compact nicely and are easily storable in closets, cabinets or shelves. Storage needs are an important consideration in purchasing new office or advertising products, and banners require limited space.

8. Plain and simple, banners are effective. Even amidst an increasingly digital world swirling with social media buzz, downloadable content, email marketing, search engine optimization and online company reviews, banners are everywhere. Digital mediums have been around for decades and have established a proven record of impact, but they haven’t been able to take away from the centuries-long tenure of banner use and success.

9. We all want to maximize our budgets. Banners are fairly inexpensive, and given their traditional level of effect, they offer a high return on investment. Why not make the most of available marketing and advertising options and shave some highly coveted dollars off your list of expenses?

There’s no time like the present to stop wrestling with thoughts of banner design and get started with the process. It’s simple, quick, effective and inexpensive, and therefore, easy to sell upstairs! End the delays and start your design today!

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