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Stop Worrying About These 4 Banner Design Features

Whether you’re running a car dealership, dental practice or retail space, banners are a great way to catch the attention of passersby and gain new business. And the good news is (thanks to Johannes Gutenberg) that they’re easy to design and print, and therefore, cost-effective at any size.

Beginning the banner design process is always the hardest part. There are several elements that can get in the way of those that are most important and fog your creativity and efficiency. Determine your objectives and define your audience, and simply put aside these four banner design concerns. You’ll be sure to save yourself time, money and lengthy redesign efforts.

1. Stop worrying about the size.

Banner size is the last place to start your design. Worry first about your objectives and audience, then tackle other design elements. The size of your banner should be decided upon last, once all other questions have been satisfied. At that point, you’ll be able to more appropriately gauge the necessary real estate you need to make it effective.

2. Stop debating whether or not you’re going to use color.

You are. Black and white prints may be less costly, but a black and white banner will end up costing you more in the long run. Without color, it will be buried in the mass of advertisements and business signs, offering little or no return on your investment and a mess of a sign you’ll never want to use again.

3. Stop stressing about font.

The most effective fonts for banners are the most simple and easy-to-read. Your business printer will be able to point you to the ones that best match your message and business if you’re uncertain about the style you’re looking for, and will be able to show you plenty of samples so you can make sure you're getting the right look.

4. Don’t sweat the weather.

With UV coating and durable, weather-proof substrates, you don’t have to worry about your banners fading quickly or being damaged by water, wind and dust. Professionally printed banners are designed for multiple uses to help you get the most from your investment. No matter what climate you’re in, there are ways to protect your banner from the weather conditions it will face.

Sometimes it takes a dedicated focus to forget the little things that can put up roadblocks in the design process. Setting your sights on the most important elements of the banner (goals, objectives, audience and message) will help alleviate the concerns of the smaller, less important design questions revolving in your mind. AND, you’ll always be able to find backup in your printer if you’ve hit a wall and need some creative suggestions and solutions!

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