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Business Etiquette: 10 Occasions That Always Merit Announcements

When it comes to sending out announcements, our typical reaction is one of stress and irritation and we usually look for reasons why designing an announcement, drafting text and putting together a mailing list isn’t necessary. In the business world, there are times when announcements aren’t necessary, and other times when opting not to send one is simply seen as bad business etiquette.

To avoid being shunned for bad manners or simply a lack of effort to capitalize on an exciting time for your company, always send announcements to clients, prospects and business associates on these 10 occasions!

1.Mergers: Businesses joining forces often means big change, and that’s always something clients and business associates are eager to hear about. What will the change mean for them? Are you able to offer anything new to your customers with the merger?

2. Acquisitions: Taking on a new branch of business is exciting, and as long as the term of confidentiality has expired and the news is open to be shared, don’t shy away from spreading the word! Circulation of your company's name and news is a great thing!

3. Relocations: Simply placing a sign on your old door with you new address isn’t enough. Announce your company’s move and make sure your contacts know where to find once you pull away from your current location.

4. Business name changes: Customers and business associates should always be notified when a company they’re in business with undergoes a name change; not only for the sake of the new letterhead you don’t want to wind up in the trash, but for search, web address and phone listing purposes, as well.

5. Change of ownership or the addition of a new partner: Changing ownership or bringing on a new partner is an exciting time for a business. Share the news of your new ownership and give your customers and associates some background to ease the transition and strengthen client retention. If you’ve recently brought on a new partner, share the new development and show your customers and associates that your business is moving forward with a growing team capable of doing more for them.

6. Galas and fundraisers: They won’t show up if they don’t know about it! Announce your event well in advance to spark interest, then follow-up with an invitation. Your contacts will be looking for it!

7. Anniversaries of business establishment or business-client relationships: Celebrating the success and tenure of your business isn’t a bad thing. It shows customers and associates the range of achievements you’ve tallied, and demonstrates a commitment to moving forward. Celebrating the tenure of business-client relationships is even better. Sending a simple thank you note to clients on their anniversaries of doing business with you adds a nice touch to your already spectacular service. Announcing anniversaries of long-lasting business partnerships also demonstrates your record of successful relationships. Clients and business associates will only welcome that kind of news.

8. Grand openings: Celebrate your new business! Announce your grand opening and give your contacts the chance to celebrate with you!

9. Open houses: Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party, providing product demos, or doing a drawing for a gift giveaway, announcing your open house formally will improve your turnout, as well as the impression you give your contacts about your event.

10. Trade show appearances: Invite your customers, prospects, business associates and partners to attend the trade show and visit your booth. Announce your presence and purpose for being there, and make sure your efforts of preparing for the event don’t go to waste.

While announcing every change in your business isn’t always necessary, announcing these 10 occasions is. On top of sharing your successes, business milestones, gratitude for customer relationships and event hosting, you’ll dazzle your customers, prospects and business associates with your pro-grade level of business etiquette and give them yet another reason to continue doing business with you!

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