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5 Reasons to Start Using Buck Slips Now

Whether or not you’re familiar with buck slips, here are five reasons to get familiar with them and start taking advantage of this inexpensive marketing tool to grow your business and attract the customers you've been missing. Bag the worry and time restraints of designing complex themes and graphics for bigger projects, and use buck slips designed to tackle these five common marketing challenges. You'll see why your customers, employees and accounting department will thank you!

1. Capture attention! Contrary to the black and white letters you’re sending them with, buck slips are eye-catching and attention-grabbing. About the size of a dollar bill (hence the name), they’re typically brightly colored and are a perfect medium to escape the bland and ordinary and spice up your marketing campaign!

2. Save money! Prices may vary slightly depending on your printer and the quantity you need, but when it comes down to it, you can always get buck slips at a great deal. Using four-color printing is affordable, as is die cutting, foil stamping and embossing when you’re starting at such a low per-unit rate, making your piece even more appealing.

3. Simplify your marketing message! Some of us have a tendency to get wordy, and although we may find that kind of writing entertaining ourselves, reality tells us that the line between simplicity and wordiness is where our customers stop listening. Buck slips force you to keep your message brief, highlight the specifics of your promotion, and tell your customers why they should do business with you.

4. Measure your mailing conversion! So many times, we send mailers to a mass list of customers blindly. We may direct them to a website to redeem a special offer, or we may just have them pick up the phone. Either way, printing a coupon code or redeemable offer on a custom buck slip can help you gauge just how effective your mailers are.

5. Save time! Unlike bulky pads, folded pieces and thick booklets, buck slips are easy to stuff into envelopes. Whether you plan to stuff and mail them internally or have your business printer complete the whole process for you, you’ll pay less for preparation and assembly time than you would using a more complicated piece.

If you’re not already using buck slips, now is the time to start. Give your newsletters, statements and business communications an addition that your customers will notice and appreciate.

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