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Spectrum Pay-It-Forward Special

Spectrum Printing has been blessed by the support of our wonderful clients and the dedication and sacrifices of our great staff. This is our chance to Pay It Forward.

To help our community re-start, Spectrum is absorbing many of its operating costs to save you money.

In addition to reconnecting with your customers and donors with news and offers through direct mail, consider the need for:

  • Administrative materials
  • Updated marketing pieces
  • New signage

You could save from 25% to 50% or more on printing and mailing, depending on the project.

Count on us to help you get going again!

Contact your favorite Spectrum Client Success Manager today about this limited-time offer.

Don’t need it quite yet? Prefer not to pay yet?
Don’t want to pass up the savings?
We have solutions for you. Please contact us to learn more.

Please contact one of our Client Success Managers at
571-1114 or

Common Requirements: 

  1. In order to qualify for the special program, clients must be current to approved terms (paid current or within 30 days in most cases). 
  2. Payment in full is due at the time the product is picked up or delivered, no payment terms available. Cash, check, or credit card are all OK. As always, postage is due prior to mailing. 
  3. Offer expires 5/29/20. Orders must be placed and approved to print on or before May 29, 2020. 
  4. All orders for later delivery will require a signed Purchase Order. 
  5. We reserve the right to require a deposit for certain jobs. 
  6. We will produce and inventory products in our warehouse for up to 90 days. At 90 days, whether or not the client needs the material at that time, payment in full is due and warehousing fees will begin unless the material is delivered or picked up. 
  7. No refund or credit for unclaimed materials. 
  8. No storage fees will apply for the first 90 days after the order has been placed. 
  9. Shipping/delivery charges will apply unless picked up at SPC. 
  10. To enable as many people as possible to benefit, each client will have a cumulative maximum of $10,000 for all orders placed under this program. 

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