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Stationery Printing: Preprinted - Shells

Preprinted stationery or “shells” are a staple of companies with multiple locations, companies that have the need for customizable business stationery, and companies that print financial statements and invoices for customers and clients. At Spectrum, we can take care of it all. From printing your custom stationery, shells and letterhead, to printing your customers‘ or employees‘ information on them and getting them to their appropriate locations with our mailing services and custom envelope designs, we are here to help. We’ll even stock your preprinted stationery in our shop so it’s ready for future printing. We can print your full-color custom stationery in large quantities to help save you money, store them until they’re ready for use, imprint in black ink to reflect the appropriate information, and send them to their appropriate destinations with our print-and-store program.

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