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Ken Huizenga, Production Manager

Ken Huizenga, Production Manager


I've been with Spectrum Printing since 1986. I spent the first twelve years as a pressman working the sheet-fed presses. Since then, I’ve been the Production Manager responsible for the conventional press, digital press, and bindery/finishing operations. 

Keeping Spectrum current in the digital age of printing has been an important task. I have been responsible for researching and evaluating a variety of press and bindery equipment to bring efficiency and supereb quality to all the work we produce for our clients. I would love to show you around our facility to see the results of those efforts. 

As a pressman and a manager, I’ve gone through Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and ISO 9001 training, and have years of experience in making sure you get the best in quality, efficiency and on-time delivery of your products. 

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